Spacing is always on the NBA three-point line – The NBA three-point line is about 2 feet behind the normal three-point line. Simple, man-to-man offense drives defenses crazy From Mitch Mitchell, head boys coach, Copiah Academy Gallman, Mississippi This is a man-to-man offense we use when we aren’t getting much out of our regular motion offense. Often, players are I recommend you teach the screener to hold their arm up in a fist and call out the player’s name before setting the screen. 3 can reverse pivot and seal 2’s defender if they have a mismatch inside. I believe all youth basketball players have a business here – to check every step thoroughly and ensure that enough is dome to establish something as grand that. Due to players making decisions and reading the play of their teammates and defenders, the 5-out motion offense is great for teaching players how to play basketball. Spacing is offense, offense is spacing - Rick Majerus. guarantee that it will hit home. Your email address will not be published. O2 can still try to pass to O4 for a post move. incommunicado too.

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The Dribble Drive Motion Offense. Coach Perkins resides in Cary, North Carolina. This play starts with the 1 on the right side of the floor. It can lead to some easy scores off the back cuts. In frame 3, the ball has gone to the two man, and the five is now posting up. Here’s how it works on a top to wing pass…. But instead of filling to the same side, 2 sets a flex screen for 5.

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A hard cut to the rim often leads to a layup or it creates space that allows the person to drive the ball. 1. The Open Post Motion Offense. This is a two man game. Patience, a lot of it and determination will eventually get So it's just 1-on-1 for O5 - simple stuff often works the best! Spacing means that players are wide enough so that 1 defender cannot guard 2 people. O3 passes to O4, and O4 makes a post move for the shot. offenses take home as assignment. For attacking man-to-man defense, several simple motion patterns and a few simple plays are presented below. When a pass is made, it should be made away from the defense and should be a pass that the receiver is certain to catch. How to Play Man-to-Man Defense in Youth Basketball Step-by-Step Video . Have them rub shoulders). Another action to add to this continuity offense is the ‘dribble at’ action.

For my youth teams, I have them automatically back cut on a dribble at. Optionally, O5 could shot-fake and dribble-drive up the right lane line for a lay-up, with a kick-out option to O1 in the corner. You’ll have more success from this point on, because you now have a guard in position to back screen for the top of the key. the rim so that  there will be an amole 4. Once your players are comfortable with cutting and screening away, next up is the action of setting on-ball screens. follows the player about the court. If the cutter decides to pop out to the perimeter, the screener will cut to the rim and then fill the corner. Passing, cutting, screening, and driving are fundamental skills for players of all levels. O5 flashes to the ball-side elbow. Then all players are back in position for the next action to be made. After the cut, 3 fills the weakside corner position since 5 has filled 3’s previous position on the wing. maybe not enough experience as touching the game of basketball. 1. Article by Patrick Pollock. We'll start with the most simple ("Motion-1") and end with a more detailed, advanced "Motion-3". Basketball Pick and Roll Offense. The screen must be set in a proper angle.

This assumes you’re only being denied one pass away from the basketball. All coaches must make sure they start with progression one and move up without skipping steps. This is a man-to-man offense we use when we aren’t getting much out of our regular motion offense. 3.  Important they take a hard line to the middle of the key to the block • On the down screen from the top: o A player getting the screen can pop up hard off screen for 15-20ft shot. At times, we’ve put our guards on the blocks to begin this offense but have found it is more effective with the post people stationed there. 2. 2. The moment your opponent loses possession of the ball is when their defense is most vulnerable. Defenders do not want to allow their player to dribble past them for an easy score.

• Requires great spacing – If players are all in the correct positions, your team will always have great spacing at all times. Get 8 other plays inside the practice planner app. You want players 1, 2, & 3 to have good ball handling skills. If the ball is passed out, O1 moves out to the right wing. Now if there is not an immediate post, the five man needs to exit to the corner. Key Personnel: This is a versatile play as every player can potentially get a shot out of it. The player that receives the hand-off should attack the rim and kick out to shooters if the defense slides over to help. Since your players can quickly learn this offense, it shouldn’t take long to incorporate new plays into your team’s offensive repertoire. If you believe you can attack the basket and score on your defender, do it – Players must understand their own abilities and the abilities of their defender. For attacking man-to-man defense, several simple motion patterns and a few simple plays are presented below. Also read ", Using the 1-3-1 set, O1 is the point, O2 and O3 are the wings, O5 is high post and O4 is low block (diagram A).

While there are hundreds of different types of man to man offenses available like motion, flex, ball screen continuity, the basic fundamentals of offense are very basic and few. It’s a positionless offense that relies on spacing the floor and a set of rules that assists players to determine their movements and actions. If O2 doesn't get the pass, O5 waits and cuts through to the block. Screeners should give a visual and verbal signal to their teammate that they are screening. This creates good 3-point shots for your team as the screener steps out after screening. Any match up on the floor with an advantage in the post can use this technique. This action can be performed on any top to wing, wing to corner, or wing to top pass. Scoring opportunities on this simple motion offense: • On the down screen o Guard popping out could get a quick shot o If the post is the one setting a down screen, look for hard post up • When the ball goes to the wing: o Quick shot, possibly drive over the top. the ball understands that his pass to the receiver means a lot. The other option is to perform a hand-off between the two players. Get my plays inside the practice planner app here. 8. • To set up the defender and get open on a front cut, after passing the player should take one step away from the ball and then explode to the ball-side of their defender on the cut to the rim looking for the basketball.

Below are 10 principles for scoring against a man to man defense: By having an organized attack to get the ball quickly up the floor and getting a good shot, you can negate size advantages. Instead of cutting, 1 decides to set an away screen. Looking at the diagram is left right and down). Screening. Depending on how the defense reacts, 2 can pass to any of the perimeter players or make the shot in the key. The player is in trouble – it makes sense to do a bit pick and drop and dribble around the other players. Passing, cutting, screening, and driving are fundamental skills for players of all levels.