The ex-wife of Michael Jordan Juanita was born in Illinois, Chicago in the year 1959. She was at the championship, she was at the retirement ceremony, we saw her in her glory in her best way.

A 6'7" guard, Theus averaged 16.3 points per game during his first season and was the runner-up for the 1979 NBA Rookie of the Year Award. I'm not hating. Keep dreaming!! I told him ask yourself how safe do you feel still paying alimony and child support and you haven't been allowed to see Soon jr. As a senior at Inglewood, Theus averaged 28.6 points and 15.5 rebounds per game. My fave Tarheel of ALL time. As reported, it was due to Jordan's extramarital affair with Karla Knafel that led their marriage to die.

chris $168 million to get on with his life and now Michael Jordan is a billionaire and makes over $200 million a year. Theus' NBA career ended after his Nets season.[19]. "She told me to work on a postnup. To: Mrs. Juanita Vanoy. Imma have to find out how to order some. Before they fell in love, Jordan was married to Juanita Vanoy for 17 years.

Not really, her type don’t age very well.

you really do sound like Claire Huxtable. In 1989 Theus was inducted into the UNLV Athletics Hall of Fame. This was at the Nick’s Fish … Her people kill and steal everything. Their love story began back in the year 1984. It was a big move getting married," Jordan said at the time. Italy is so beautiful. Copyright © 2020 Sandra Rose.

I just stated a fact.

As a matter of fact don't get on anything with two wheels with George Clooney.?? A quickie wedding, three children, allegations of outside babies, and two divorce petitions later, everyone’s still wondering what happened to the woman who held him down during the height of his career. [4], In 1989, Theus was inducted into the UNLV Athletic Hall of Fame and in 1997 he became one of only eight players in school history to have his jersey retired by the Rebels.[5].

My hubby and I said the same thing last year and challenged ourselves to save money to take the trip. Vanoy hired Minton that Midwestern summer day, and directed the lawyer to pursue a paternity suit against the most famous athlete in Chicago--and soon, the world. [2] Theus attended Inglewood High School in Inglewood, California. Tv’s? That’s liver disease from drinking too much.

By Lois Romano January 24, 2002 Why do we as black folks think people owe us something?? Cleopatra 7, the last pharaoh of Egypt had a lil hoe in her. You can't school me on ancient Egyptian history.

The agreement he negotiated is not mentioned in Juanita Jordan's divorce petition.

I took classes and have read many books in my spare time. Their liking for each other was noticeable and they started dating regularly. Now, put the d*ck back in your mouth and continue to do as you were.

She was the Evelyn Lozada of her time and lucked up with Jordan. Mielle Downe Gold digger extraordinaire Juanita Vanoy didn't get have. I was thinking about the whipfinity product the other day, I need some too.

As her career continues to grow, her net worth is expected to rise in the coming days. Rizzo, who had done some work on Juanita Jordan's 1988 paternity case through Minton, had in recent years been hired by the wives of other Chicago Bulls players to tail their husbands. Mr. Lonnie Legree Haynes, Major Investor, (future) Chair’man & Advisor, of Smith Barney Trust Services. Theus was an assistant coach with the Minnesota Timberwolves under head coach Kurt Rambis from 2009 to 2011. Blacks spend more than any other group. They all trying to come here, so ask them. I fell outta contact with A LOT of Roses.

Well, many consider LeBron to be the greatest. There's actually some decent women out there. They are now parents to twin daughters named Victoria and Ysabel Jordan born on 11th February 2014.

to add information, pictures and relationships, join in discussions and get credit for your contributions. It was real bad.

As a junior, Reggie was named a second team All-American after averaging 18.9 points, 6.8 rebounds and 4.5 assists per game. It wasn't always that way. In July of that year, after Minton "had undertaken substantial legal work," according to a lawsuit he later filed against the Jordans for compensation, Vanoy informed him she was about to marry the basketball star.

Nowadays, celebrities are using social media to maintain a close and active relationship with their fans and well-wishers to increase their popularity. But the divorce filing has sparked renewed interest. Your email address will not be published. The estranged couple Juanita and Michale never let their differences ruined their children’s life.

I did explain to him that the only alternative to him admitting paternity on a voluntary basis was for us to initiate a paternity action, which would be public record," Minton said. In the 1985–86 season, Theus averaged 18.3 points and a career high 9.6 assists as the Kings made the playoffs again, losing to the Hakeem Olajuwon and Ralph Sampson and the Houston Rockets 3–0 in the first round, as Theus averaged 15.0 points and 6.3 assists in the series. No lie....Folks would stop us and shake his hand wanting to meet him(thinking he was Mike J)....Crazier thing is....My dude ISN'T even close to being as tall as Mike J. Lucky8. For several years Theus served as a studio analyst for Turner Sports and the Los Angeles Lakers. She was dating Reggie Theus but dumped him for Michael Jordan Reggie was cheating on her left and right during their relationship. i also know this for a fact. Oh really? He's only interested in the fame, glory and breaking records. The women would act like I wasn't standing next to him and just LOOK at him....I always found it funny tho. Imagine having that money and just being able to go where you want whenever you want. [14] He averaged 16.4 points and 8.0 assists in 30 games with the Kings, as the Kings qualified for the playoffs under Coach Phil Johnson, who had coached Theus in Chicago in 1982,. Lawd, I fell slam out. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a1b0c56a60b4ef1f4217cb36952dcff4" );document.getElementById("ba889850ab").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. She was def.the problem. will always have the root, Your email address will not be published. That's what I read.

The couple was surrounded by 3 bodyguards as he and his wife took pictures with friends inside the cathedral. Hahaha!! i know this for a fact. Her eldest son Jeffrey Jordan is an American former basketball player. Despite losing by a single point to University of North Carolina in the semifinals, UNLV defeated UNC-Charlotte in the third-place game and set NCAA single-season records for most points in a season (3,426), most 100-point games (23) and most consecutive 100-point games (12). They are one of the reasons we are stuck with the trajedy that's 45, and the wall.

Awesome. Fay was awesome tho! Jordan makes $200 million a year and married a much better woman that has a real culture.

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As a sophomore, Theus helped lead UNLV into the national spotlight as the Rebels went 29–3, advancing to the school's first Final Four in Atlanta.

Yeah right . After dating for a couple of years, Michael proposed to Juanita on 31st December 1987 at Nick’s Fish Market in Chicago and got engaged. It's the little amount you spend that is wasting money. [7], In 1981, Theus appeared in his first All-Star Game as the Bulls were 45-37 and made the 1981 NBA Playoffs . Look, why you ain't never posted that meme or gif, or whatever when you were singing in that pink dress and took that dang on wig off your head and flung that bish across somewhere. It’s sick story for a sick person like you!!

Jordan and Prieto, 41, met while dancing at a club in 2007 and they were married in April 2013. Damn she get down like that! I see Mike is now a new granddaddy. Juanita earns a massive amount of salary from her profession. She got a good deal for herself. Never say never. There’s no need to go down memory lane and bring up everything that has already happened when the proof is in the pudding. Reggie Theus. You’re proud of a hoe that symbolizes this? All seemed well between Michael and Juanita until 2002 when the former model filed for a divorce. [6][10], Newly hired Bulls coach Kevin Loughery decided to bench Theus for the first half of the 1983–1984 season. [6], On June 27, 1988, Theus was traded by the Kings to the Atlanta Hawks with a third round pick for Randy Wittman and a first round pick. Still only rock with Yoni, Soul Glow, Butter, LoveZoe, PettyPep and a few others.No bad blood just time happened. Juanita was a ho back in the day, queen my azz.

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