In one corner, the regulars; the Tooting lifers who made it to every auction.

The forum you are looking at is entirely new software. The man in front dropped out – £95, £100. After seeing enough bad reality television, including Gordon Ramsay telling you your restaurant or hotel sucks, Joel and Corey have a new idea for a reality show – fixing people’s podcasts! I travelled to Greasby’s; a worn-down, almost century-old establishment in Tooting, with this advice still ringing in my ears.

People are starting to see the appeal of popping down, forking over a handful of change for some luggage, then opening it to discover that it’s full of diamonds and Maltese Falcons and lost manuscripts that definitively prove the existence of God. Later, I received a tweet from Laurence: “How’d the Auction Go?” he asked. All my items went unsold, despite my series of increasingly fevered pleas on Twitter. I can only find info for up to 2016 and the only episode I can see of them visiting England is one where they go to an auction in Balham, Greasbys from the phone number. The Germans got involved – £16. Hi, Just watching a few episodes of this series and it seems like to me its a sham. Last modified on Sat 25 Nov 2017 09.19 GMT. The man kept his card raised. Even if it was full of junk, at least I could make some money reselling the case.

S1 Ep2, it's not that one! Because, as promised, my case just contained clothes.

The old woman who lives in a shoe is boring and I couldn't care less what she buys along with her partner who is even more annoying! User Score.

Photograph: Graeme Robertson For the Guardian.

It might have belonged to a large African Catholic from New Zealand, but that didn’t explain the smaller T-shirts.

I realised that the only way to make any money back from this colossal mistake would be to stick everything on eBay.

Mark - was this on recently?

I’d wasted time. I grabbed a handful of garments for a closer look. When you turn up drunk for a stranger’s funeral. What was left was just clothing. I knew the value of nothing and, boy, the regulars had my number. Or the object tucked into the back of the suitcase, that turned out to be an untaken University of Leeds Mathematics for Computing exam paper from 15 months ago. Nobody was giving way – £65, £70. This exact scenario – me hiking up the price of a worthless bag beyond all trace of reason, then dropping out in the face of mass scorn – played out again and again before I eventually managed to secure a case of my own. The bags had all been examined before the auction, and all expensive items had been removed. [display_podcast] Baggage Battles, E3, House Hunters, Mass Effect, Prometheus, Rock of Ages, Wii U. After all, the Baggage Battles team always seem to find something of worth in every episode. Discussion in 'General Chat' started by bluerum66, Feb 24, 2014. One piece of advice stood out above all else, however: don’t pay more than £50 for a bag. People make a healthy living selling on goods that they find in cases sold at auction here, which might explain why shows such as BBC1’s Del Boys and Dealers and the Travel Channel’s Baggage Battles have become so popular.

Of course, that would involve travelling to many cat urine-scented living rooms of losers all over America, so it’s probably not that fun a job.

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I plunged my hand deep beneath the lining, and pulled out the suitcase’s warranty card. In the other, us; the idiots who had been lured there by the dazzle of TV. The regulars began scoffing at this carnival of dimwittedness – £75, £80. When you’re Piers Morgan. That sort of thing. Welcome to the new 8mm Forum! Otherwise, as Sally pointed out, “You won’t make a return on it”.

They unanimously hated Baggage Battles. During the episode where Frank & Mike found the old circus posters, and took them to be appraised, he was the guy in the eye-patch who did the appraisal. The girls high-fived and left. Feb 24, 2014 at 11:49 PM. So did I.

Aside from the handmade dresses, there were a few high street pieces, a handful of bikini tops and a blue T-shirt branded with the words “St Francis Xavier Church, Wellington”. Read full review. And now, to that list, I can add “When you’re a journalist at a mystery luggage auction”. Now Im sure you are all aware of these reality shows that blitz the schedules.

But this was telling me nothing. It quickly emerged, however, that two separate factions would be competing with each other.

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A man in front of me raised his – £14. This page was generated at 05:44 PM. They were all handmade. That seems absolutely ridiculous. Its popularity meant that every auction was now full of oblivious morons like me, and they simply weren’t getting the bargains they used to.

For £90. This was their job, after all. However, I’d seen enough of Baggage Battles to know they still had a decent chance at resale, provided they were by recognisable brands. The bidding opened at £10. I like Laurence. He was dressed, and acted much differently than he does on BB, but it was him. Please remember registering with your first and last REAL name is mandatory. You’ve been warned! I don't …